Those who are only occupied with their history have no time to build the future! Our company not only distinguishes itself from its renowned competitors by focusing on the future. Strategically, we chose to develop together with our partners to establish sustainable business. We not only think different, we redefine!

Our company has been established on December 20th, 2016. Our employees bear with huge professional experience on forwarding and logistics. Each Team-member has been part of many renowned companies where they have acquired their specific logistics concept. Our company relies on our educated and trained employees. Targetis optimize the workflow by implementation of several logistics activities. We execute our logistics services with our own fleet, as to guarantee the high standard we ensure our clients.

Competencies: Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Slovak Republic, Hungary and Benelux.

Our clients are among the best ranked in the world. We offer our services to suppliers and manufacturers as a partner.

We represent ourselves with a head office in Budapest, BILK logistics center.

We are One!
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Nearly 300 employees are of meaning that professionalism and customer satisfaction are not a privilege, but a basic requirement. Our knowledge and mindset are the key to our future, this is what distinguishes us from others!