Full truck loads (FTL)

For full truck loads, our Schmitz CargoBull trailers offer appropriate and exclusive storage spaces for the different products of various industries during transport from consignors to various destinations. Less than truck loads (LTL)

For less than truck-load carriages, freights are transported non-exclusively, but with the goods of other consignors. Such partial freights are handled by simple means in pick-up and distribution traffic. Forwarding pick-up rounds

For smaller freight items, we recommend the use of our forwarding pick-up rounds. A key advantage here is the planning potential, because we communicate the departure times of the scheduled rounds in advance, and therefore our Clients can plan the transportation of goods in a timely manner. If demanded, customized schedules can also be set up for our Clients. Our associated fees are calculated with respect to our pick-up tariffs.

Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)

The transport of dangerous goods call for high-standard expertise and close attention. Our Company deploys trailers equipped in conformance to the requirements of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and vehicle drivers holding ADR licenses to ensure that all the goods are carried in line with the respective hazard categories.

Transport of large-value goods

The carriage of large-value goods calls for planning, while planning requires certain precautions.  Our 24/7 customers services, fleet tracking facilities and vehicle driver support are available on every day of the week. Owing to continuous tracking, our team is always aware of the precise whereabouts of the goods. On the other hand, our vehicle drivers are given advanced support in relation to parking and fueling locations in order to eliminate all the bottlenecks.

Combined transport

Towards environmentally conscious operations, for international transportation assignments combined transport modes are used. When larger distances are to be covered, road transportation activities can be easily and flexibly combined with transport modes, e.g. railway and water transport, that feature smaller levels of emissions to the environment. Our goal is to exploit synergies; reduce goods-related risks, transport times and costs, and operate in an environmentally sparing manner.


The entire road truck assembly is transported on a special railway carriage together with the truck driver.


The entire road truck assembly is transported on a special ferry together with the truck driver.

Domestic transport

  • Full truck loads (FTL)
  • Less than truck loads (LTL)
  • Forwarding pick-up rounds
  • Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)
  • Transport of large-value goods
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